Emergency numbers:

  • ACI Rescue: 803116
  • Firemen: 115
  • Customs: 117
  • First Aid: 118
  • Carabinieri: 112
  • Police: 113
  • Local Police: 0667691
  • Police Station: 064686
  • Ambulance of the Italian Red Cross: 065510
  • Ambulance of the Roman Green Cross: 0624302222
  • Emergency blood transfusion:
    • Policlinico Umberto I: 0649970860, 06 49970861
    • Ospedale S. Giovanni- Addolorata: 0677055563
  • Permanent Emergency Station – 064826741, 0658201030


Security in Rome:

Here are some tips for a safe vacation in Rome and some useful numbers to use in case of an emergency.

Rome is a quiet and safe city to spend your holidays. You can walk quietly on the street without taking any risk. The only advice we give you is to be attentive to pickpockets, especially on public transportation or in markets where it can be crowded, especially at Porta Portese.

In the evening, you can safely walk downtown, but try to avoid the dark streets, the Termini Station area, and the subway stations located on the outskirts of Rome. Walking in a group is always safer!

To report any theft or harassment of any kind, you can call the Carabinieri 112 or the Police 113 or consult the other Emergency Numbers.

Rome Metropolitan Lines

Useful information about Rome Metro: lines, timetables, tickets and metro maps.

The Rome subway has two lines: Line A (Battistina / Anagnina), also known as the Red Line, and Line B (Rebibbia / Laurentina), known as the Blue Line. Since June 13, 2012 the new Line B1 (Bologna-Conca d’Oro) is also active, adding to the existing B-line stops three new stations: Sant’Agnese / Annibaliano, Libia and Conca d’Oro.

The two subway lines of Rome cross the Termini Station where you can change lines. The subway trains run daily from 5:30 am to 11:30 pm. On Saturdays and Sundays, it runs until 00:30 in the morning.

Metro bus tickets:

Getting around with public transportation in Rome is the easiest way to enjoy the beauty of the city. Below is a list of the tickets you can buy, depending on the time you will stay.

B.I.T. (Integrated Time Ticket)

These tickets can be used on any means of transport in Rome. They are valid for 100 minutes and the visitor can take any destination. If you take the subway, the ticket will be valid for one ride, but it is still valid for all 100 minutes if you use buses and trams. Price: € 1.50

B.I.G. (Day Ticket)

This ticket is valid for 24 hours on all forms of transport and must be stamped once. This ticket can be used on the Metro more than once in all directions and it is valid for only one person. Price: € 6.00

B.T.I. (3-days Integrated Tourist Ticket)

It is valid for 3 days in a row on any public transportation vehicle. It must be stamped once and can be used on all subway lines. Price € 16.50

C.I.S. (One-week Tourist Ticket)

This ticket is valid for 7 days in a row and has the same terms of use of the BIT, however, you need to write your name on the card to be valid. Price: € 24.00


The international Vincentian Family is in need of assistance with translations.

We have a need for people who have the time and the talent to translate into or from any combination of English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Polish. Only as we grow in our ability to communicate with one another can we grow in our Family’s ability to be most effective in the service of those in poverty around the world. If we can form teams of translators for each language group, no one will need to worry about how much time will be needed.

Please help us! Please help us grow as a Family.

If you have the gift of languages for translation, please contact us as vfo@famvin.org

Thank you!