If you must present a Letter of Invitation to enter Italy, please fill out the following request form.  We are not able to provide letters stamped by the Secretary of State, except for members of the Congregation of the Mission and Daughters of Charity.  If this is a requirement of the Embassy in your country, please seek alternative means to receive the documentation that is required of you.

Letter of Invitation request form

Please, fill in the sections. All are required, except for the last one, which should only be filled in if you need a hard copy of the letter of invitation. Read more in the “PayPal” section bellow for more information.


Do you need the original copy sent by DHL? (If yes, please pay 30 € on PayPal).



If your country requires a printed copy (as opposed to an e-mailed copy) of the invitation in order to obtain a visa, you are asked to send €30 Euros ($32 USD) to cover the cost of DHL delivery.

Paypal “Send Money” • send to this address: visa.symposium@cmglobal.org

Credit Card or PayPal (with or without an account) • please click the image below and follow the instructions.

You may also make the payment by a bank transfer to this account: