Participants are responsible to arrange for their own accommodations, meals, and travel.  If assistance is required, you may wish to contact one of the following travel agencies, or one of your own choosing:

TRAVEL INSURANCE: Participants are responsible to secure their own travel insurance for medical emergencies.  Residents of the European Union may obtain the European Medical Insurance Card (E-111).

ROME TRAVEL TIPS:                                                                               

  • Currency:  The Euro is the currency in Italy.
  • Electricity:  The electrical current in Italy is 230V 50 Hz. Please make sure to bring your own charger.
  • Climate:  In October, the average temperature starts off at around 19°C (66°F) and gradually drops until it reaches 14°C-15°C (57°F-59°F) at the end of the month.

Visit this website for additional information as you prepare for your trip to Rome: